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Using bus ports with hierarchical or reuse blocks. How can we map nets between buses ?

Question asked by A.Ozenne on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by robert_davies



When working with hierarchical blocks or reuse blocks, we have some issues with bus ports when instanciating multiple times the same block.


For instance we have a reuse block with port DATA[3:0]. In this block, the nets ripped from the bus are DATA3, DATA2, DATA1 and DATA0. If we instanciate this block twice and connect them to two different buses DATA_A[3:0] and DATA_B[3:0], how can we map the nets between the bus outside the block and the bus inside the block so that DATA3 = DATA_A3 for the first block and DATA3 = DATA_B3 for the second block ? Is it even possible ?


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