Script For Report Automation

Discussion created by jishenbiao on Mar 18, 2013
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Here comes a script question. How to make automation for sharelist report by using  a script.


I use the script recorder,but i can't find anything more than below message. But actually, i need a script which can make command to export all the report of vsure.


Need your help...




COM sharelist_open,job=odbjob,sharelist=sharelist

COM sharelist_add_item,job=odbjob,sharelist=sharelist,serial=-1,title=chk:A面器件太高  J2,author=003713,priority=critical,value=0.4350393701,x_loc=6.1397600394,y_loc=7.350395374,layers=comp_+_top comp_+_top,refdes=J2,discussion_text=Checklist=valor_assembly ^Action=1 valor_assembly_component ^severity=R^ erf=360