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    offset in eyemask



      I use a hyperlynx tool to verify the XAUI interface.

      When a driver1 is connected to receiver1, the eye diagram is proper. There is no offset required in the eye mask to analyse.

      When a driver1 is connected to receiver2, the eye diagram is OK but there is a requirement of horizontal as well as vertical offset in the eye mask to analyze. How does this shift come? Who causes?  Please explain in detail.

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          Ed Bartlett

          Based only on the description, it is not possible to explain in detail what is going on unfortunately. If the receiver models are AMI models, the receiver2's .dll may return the clock ticks in a very different way than receiver1's .dll. Also, receiver2 settings for EQ/DFE could be very different than receiver1 settings. Without looking at the models and the circuit, it is not easy to explain what is the root cause for the offset. If you need more assistance, please open a service request and someone will look for the cause.

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