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    Calibre PERC LDL DRC support.


      Hello everybody,


      I am a PERC user and i want some current density-P2P-cell based....documents so as i can develop knowledge.
      if you haven't you can just help me with some explanation.


      I want to know about LDL DRC check for the cross domain problem,  the Current density or P2P or cell based examples.

      Hoping that this discussion will be useful to many people.
      Thanks to everybody.

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          Hello Phahd,


          There's an entire chapter in the PERC book: ESD Current Density Checks. It begins "Calibre PERC Logic Driven Layout Current Density (LDL CD) checking calculates the current flow through layout interconnect layers and outputs polygon-based results that meet the specified values."




          There's even a full code example, though that might be what you are referring to with "...the Current density or P2P or cell based examples."



          Could you more specifically describe what you'd like to see?  The technical writers do monitor this discussion board to find out where the manuals aren't good enough.





          (One of those techical writers, though not for PERC.)

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            Thanks for the reply!!


            Well i've already read the Perc user's guide and i want more examples on the current density check , cross domain..etc


            If any can provide new  things , it will be profitable to all !!


            Thanks again!!



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              The manual's chapter about LDL CD pretty much describes everything that is needed for doing current density checks. Simply alter the code to fit your design's net names, choose the pin pairs you want to test, and include the current and voltage values that you want. After getting a check to run, look over the results in RVE. Again, the chapter spells out how to use the primary RVE features of interest, so everything that is of primany interest is there.


              In 13.2, there is a new section "Checking for High-Voltage Conditions Involving Level Shifter Circuits." This is a type of cross-domain check. Also, you may want to look at the $CALIBRE_HOME/shared/examples/calibre_perc/PERC_Catalog directory. There are a bunch of examples under there, including a number of cross-domain style checks.