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    Libraries & MAX Layer


      I have a question for a situation I may find myself in very soon.

      In a service environment this may come up.

      OK I get a design in from a customer that was done in MAX Layer mode.

      I have libraries here already that probably have part types & decals with same names

      which were not used in any MAX Layer designs.

      I do know that if I export parts from MAX Layer design to a new lib when you open that lib

      All the layers are set up for MAX layer then instead. Could these then be used in a normal design not MAX Layer?

      I ended up in one case exporting design to .asc in an older version that did not support MAX Layer

      then outputting parts to lib from that so they would not be in MAX Layer mode. When brought into

      Standard layer mode designs. What is the protocol on this?


      Basically what do I have to worry about in this situation?


      In other words I know I should be able to export parts into a new library from that MAX Layer design,

      and then make that first on search list and add parts to this library specific to this design.


      However could there be issues if I used my other library (not used in any MAX Layer designs)

      To both bring parts into the design & update parts in the design?


      Is there any scenario that could cause issue with existing libraries.

      Or the other way updating parts coming from the existing lib can there be issues to deal with in the design?

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          In my limited insight, i don't know why Mentor team got the "big idea" in MAX layer function which cause many many annoyed to designer when he opens a MAX layer design in default template and vice-versa.

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            You got the procedure right of bringing MAX layer parts into standard format.

            I haven't seen any protocol.


            Well MAX layers are needed once in a while, I've done two design in MAX layer in last 6 months.

            There are no issues opening MAX layer design with standard template.