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    ibis-ami file format




          I am having an ibis-ami file. This has more than 15 files inside. Few are in sp,sp4,ami,dll and xml format. There is no file with ibs format.


         To simulate, do i need a file with ibs format also? Please clarify.  Which format is required o assign to the driver/receiver?

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          First, your question is a little bit imprecise, because you say

          "I am having an ibis-ami file. This has more than 15 files inside".

          One IBIS-AMI file can't have multiple other files inside...


          But from the file extensions you list, .sp,  .sp4,  .ami,  and .dll, it seems

          that they gave you a SPICE buffer model (in the .sp files) with an

          S-parameter package model (in the .s4p files) and the IBIS-AMI

          parameter files (in the .ami files) and the IBIS-AMI executable models

          (in the .dll files).


          If you use Mentor's HyperLynx, you can most likey get your job done,

          because we do support SPICE buffer models in our IBIS-AMI flow.

          However, strictly speaking, IBIS-AMI models should come with the

          buffer models in the IBIS [Model] format (in .ibs files).


          I hope this answers your question.