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    Incorrect Wire Length in Harness


      I have encountered an issue where (Processing) Calculated Wire/Multicore Lengths produces unexpected results.  Wires are consistently 10" longer than the actual length.



      Processing results at length of 18 for wire H2759 (should be 8).



      Customer Options are defering to Project Preferences



      Project Preferences are 0's


      I can not account for the extra length.  Any help will be appreciated.



      -James W

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          Hi James,


          It's not explicitly clear where the wire goes to / from but I assume from the splice SP311 to C454?


          Does the connector have any library add-on or knock-off values?


          Is the wire part of a multicore?







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            Hi John,


            Yes, run is from SP311 to C454.  No add-on in connector(s) and not part of a multicore.

            H2795E was just an example.  Every wire in the design (and the project for that matter) has 10 inches added on.


            Thanks for the reply,


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              After further review.....


              The added length (10 inches) does not apply to every wire in the design / project.  It applies only to wires that terminate at a splice.  If there are 2 splices, the added length doubles (20 inches).  All of the splices are assigned to a library part (Group Name: Splice).  Details of the part are shown below.




              Although I do not see anything here that accounts for the added length, the issue is resolved when the library part is removed from the harness splice.  At least the design issue has been resolved, but the root cause remains a mystery.



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                Hello James,


                  I have got the same problem and trying to solve it. I did your solution approach and unfortunately it didn't work.


                  I removed the library assignment and even did not use any splice, just to see whether it works. Without any splice the lenghts are calculated normally. But when you connect a third bundle to the design, VeSys automatically add a junction to that point and this causes an additional 5mm length for the wires per every junction, as you described.


                  May be you have found out a new solution or do you know how to remove the effect of that junction?


                  Best regards,



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                  It appears there is a hidden add-on value of “10.0” in library parts configured within group Splice (SR 2546520833 submitted).  My work around was to use library splices configured with group Ultrasonic Weld (add-on value of "0.0").


                  Your add-on value is 5mm so I would check Project Preferences and/or Customer Manufacturing Options for the source.


                  Hope that helps,


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                    Hello James,


                      As you have mentioned about the customer manufacturing options, I have added a new customer in VeSys Components, because the default customer has some manufacture options with "Rounding value of Wire Length" etc. When I added new customer with no options, it has reduced the wire length but not as much as I expected.


                      Project Preferences option is the option in VeSys-->File-->Project Preferences, right? When I open this all I see is some settings about text alignment. (attachment)


                      The problem is, I did not assign any library parts, so in my project, from the library, there is no specified type of splices neither. I simply added a bundle in the harness and it automatically created junctions.  However I took a look to the group, splices, on the VeSys Components. Under the Add- On section, there is just a value for the weight. I attach that window too. I'd appreciate if you can approve, whether I look for Add-On in the right.


                    Thanks in advance,


                    PS: There is no SR 2546520833 component in my library.



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                      The SR # refers to a Service Request that was submitted to resolve the hidden add-on value.  The hidden add-on value is not the source of your issue because you are not assigning a library part to your splice.


                      Go to File > Project Preferences > VeSys 2.0 Harness > Harness Engineering and you will see the Harness Engineering Parameters for your project (there is a view of this at the bottom of my initial post on this subject).  If you are using the "Default" Rounding Method for this Customer, these are the values that are being used for calculating (processing) lengths in your project.  Adjusting these values may help resolve your issue.


                      Kind Regards,


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                        Hello James,


                          I am a little bit ashamed to think that SR abbreviation is something to do with Splices. Thanks for the explanation.


                          I have partly solved my problem and I will write my solution here so may be it can help other people regarding this issue:


                          The wire length of my project was wrong and I have thought that it adds 5mm to every wire which intersects on junctions. This was wrong. There were 2 reasons for that.


                        1) The Rounding value(Customer Manufacturing Options): There should be no rounding method for wire length calculations.


                        2) File > Project Preferences > VeSys 2.0 Harness > Harness Engineering On the top there is an option "Add-on per Junction". This value also should be zero.


                          After these corrections I had the expected wire length.


                          However the wires which have splices still have 5mm add-on value and as we discussed on top, it has nothing to do with us.


                          Thanks for your interest James,


                          Best regards,