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    Enable edit mode for concurrent projects


      I have script that will iterate through the pages of a schematic and writes properties to certain parts.  The issue I am having is with projects that are using concurrency and the sheets are configured to be read only on initial instantiation, you have to click a button to enable edit mode.  How do I programatically make the sheet open in edit mode so that the changes I am attempting to make will be saved?


      edit: Forgot to mention I'm using EE7.9.3 DxDesigner/Expedition and windows 7.

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          Okay, I'll also take a way to easily figure out if a project is in concurrent mode or not.  I know I can use a streamreader to read the prj file and look for a value in the KEY DedicatedServerName field but seems like there should be a more straight forward way of doing this.  I figured the ProjectData object would expose this information but it does not appear to do so.

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            Hi Andrew,


            we are currently ionvestigating in the same area.

            Unfortunately, there is no way to set the "click to edit" mode off by automation.

            The only way I know is to manipulate the *.prj File KEY.


            You can only look, wether a sheet is read only and figure out this, but you can not set it to writable.


            The Mentor tools seem to be able, becouse when you rename a net in navigator, all pages are edited ( although in "click to edit" mode) and the net is renamed there.

            We found this by looking at the block modify event. All opened  sheets fire this event.


            The only way is to open DxDesigner in a "non click to edit" mode and run your script as batch. Then reset the old prj file settings.


            Kind regards,


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              Thanks for the feedback Andreas.


              Do you do any checks before editing the prj file to make sure no one else is currently in the project?  If so, how?  This will really only work well if no one has the project open.


              I'm thinking the best I might be able to do here is to check if the sheets are read only first and if they are abort the program and tell the end user all sheets must be open in edit mode first before running the application.  That could be a pain for the end user too though if they have lots of sheets.


              The automation models have some catching up to do here.