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Version mismatch when assigning a new central library to an existing DXDesigner project

Question asked by mathieu.lafrance on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by robert_davies



I'm trying to assign a new Central Library to an exisiting project but I'm getting an error that goes like this :


4-9-2013 1-54-50 PM.png


I have already checked if the person that has created this library was using the same version than me, and yes we have the same version which is


4-9-2013 3-09-42 PM.png

I cannot find any information on this utility called "Update Central Library" on my PC or online. We have a license for Library Manager, but I cannot use that license at the moment.


Seems like I should be able to open this library. It is attached if anyone can verify if it's brokne. Please help!