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Cross probing with Pads Logic and Layout

Question asked by chris.thierolf on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by jduquette

If I have multiple schematic and layout files open how do I effectivley link to the appropriate layoiut from the correspnding schematic? Often, I have a schematic or 2 open and a few layout designs (files) for viewing and comparing, but I want to link a specific schematic to one of the layout files already opn.. When I go to Tools-->Pads Layout in logic, the document preselected is often not the correct file. Instead of closing the correct layout file and reopening through PADS Logic, Tools, I'd rather do it while it is currently open. The cross probing link Works fine if only one layout file is open, but gets confused with multiples...I need someway of quickly pointed the Logic schematic to the correct Layout file.