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Bizarre error with cross-reference in DXDesigner

Question asked by mathieu.lafrance on Apr 11, 2013
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I'm getting the following error when trying to cross-reference my design:


Started scout.exe "RPC_TOP" -icdbdir  "O:\MentorExpedition\Projects\CE\868809\868809F1.1\database" -icdbsnapshot "DxD"  -common_prop_file  "O:/MentorExpedition/Projects/CE/868812/868812F1.1/MDA_Library_Dec2012_RPC_WG/CentLib.prp"  -textsize 254000 -new_attr_vis 1

scout: Note 115: Using configuration file  O:\MentorExpedition\Projects\CE\868809\868809F1.1\scout.ini.


scout: Warning 162: Maximum Xref items  exceeded.



scout: Note 137: Finished with 0 error(s), 34 warning(s),  1 note(s).

Finished  scout.exe



I also cannot see where the warnings and the notes are listed. I do not have a "scout" output window ! I am wondering if scout has stopped cross referencing because there's too many items.


Version is EE7.9.4. This is a hierarchical deisgn, if that helps. Thanks