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    Capital Bridge export problem


      We are exporting NWF data from VeSys design and using it to route wires in Pro/e. When we export the resulting Pro/e cabling data using the bridge and import into VeSys 2.0 harness the wire names are not showing up on the correct pins for connectors that have one or more cavities with no wire routed to it.  For every empty cavity the wire names gets shifted off by 1 pin.  The problem seems to be that that the  CABLE_NAME parameter on the connector pin is <nonexistent>.  If I manually go in and "create" the missing parameters with <No Value> the import into VeSys Harness works fine. Is there a way to get the NWF file to create an empty CABLE_NAME parameter for blank cavities or is there another solution to this problem?


      4-12-2013 1-57-23 PM.png


      The table for this connector will look like this in VeSys Harness.


      4-12-2013 2-27-22 PM.png

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          I will assume that you used the Pro/E plugin to export out an xml file, which you then imported into VHarness.  For you to be able to import wires from this xml file, you will have checked the "Export wires" box in the export dialog of the Pro/E plugin.  If you did this, and you are thus describing the result, it looks prima facie a VHarness defect.  Please submit the Pro/E model with wires in an already routed state, and let us know the release and datacode.


          But we recommend a better flow: When you export the xml from the Pro/E dialog, do not check the "Export wires" box. Import the harness description into VHarness, and then do a Synchronize to bring the wires over from VDesign to VHarness.  The advantage in doing this is that all the the attributes and properties you had created on the wires in VDesign will come over into VHarness being that they use the same database.  For Pro/E, however, we export out the bare minimum that is required by Pro/E to route wires end to end, and consequently it lacks all the properties you might have created in VDesign, and so no real point in exporting them out from Pro/E.