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    Issue with page numbering in border




      I'm having a problem understanding how numbering in borders should work.


      I simply want an unique incrementing page number where "TBD" is:



      So far I've tried numbering with the following "variables" without luck:

      1. @SHEET - I initially thought that this variable would be the best fit for numbering, since @SHEETOTAL exists. However, this variable is replaced by the sheet name, where that would be "POWER_INPUT", "CME_FPGA_TPO", and so on. This does not make sense to put this in the border in a way like this "@SHEET of @SHEETOTAL". I also do not want to name my sheets "1", "2", "3", etc since this has no meaning and we'll get lost rapidly
      2. @PRINTORDER - Then I tought this maybe the answer, since it gives a sheet number according to the print order. However, numbering restarts at 1 as soon as I enter it gets to a hierarchical block! Below is the resulting numbering with @PRINTORDER (number in red is page number):



      Using Hierarchical view or flatten view does not change the behavior of @PRINTORDER.




      What would be the correct way to draw a border so that it shows the page number ?? This task should not be that hard


      Thanks for any help

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          We do a combination of Scout - New crossreferencing - and a self written script. For the hirarchy name we use a custom property.



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            Hi Mathieu,


            DxDesigner sheet numbering has been simplified a few releases back. It now relies on:

            - Two system properties, namely @PRINTORDER and @SHEETTOTAL where the first property is the sheet number (which is also the print order) and the second property is the total number of sheets.

            - A sheet numbering scheme defined in the Setup-->Settings-->Project-->Boards-->Sheet Numbering which can be In-depth or Vertical and which determines how to traverse the hierarchy to number the sheets.


            In order to use sheet numbering information in a border, you only need to add the two system properties listed above to the border symbol. Be aware that the update of the sheet numbering information in the design is not dynamic but requires a user's action from Tools-->Update Other Objects with Properties and Print Order options enabled.


            Sheet  numbering information can be displayed in the Navigator (Setup-->Settings-->Navigator-->Sheets) through the $(Number) property (pre-defined as Number in the label property list).


            I hope it helps.



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              Hi Olivier,


              Thank you for your reply. However it does not really answer my question.


              See the figure below (I changed the sheet's display string to display the sheet number and the sheet name):




              You may notice that the first "flat" sheets are numbered correctly. However, the sheets in the "Blocks" section are not numbered in their label. In their respectives borders, their numbering restarts at 1! There are multiple sheets numbered "1". This is not the behavior I want, I need them to be uniquely numbered.


              Changing numbering scheme as defined in the Setup-->Settings-->Project-->Boards-->Sheet Numbering does not change anything to this behavior.

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                Hi Mathieu,


                The sheets in the Block section can not have a numbering from the correspondent sheet of the schematic section.

                Maybe one Block is instantiated multiple times in the schematic or Blocks from the block section are not placed in the project.

                The Block section is something like a library of blocks you may want to reuse with no interaction between all the blocks in this section.

                Once you placed a hierarchical symbol for one of the blocks, it's in your schematic and project section and you're looking thru a viewpoint to the Block in the block section.

                If you only need to number all schematic sheets in your project, you already did that.

                If the block is placed on one of your schematic sheets, this block will be numbered correct.

                If you want to generate a PDF document you should not choose "Project" in the Range section of the PDF dialog, you should choose "Block" and then take the Top Level schematic.





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                  Thank you for your reply. I tried printing using the top level block instead of project and now the numbering is correct in the PDF. I understand it couldn't be correct in dxdesigner, since the block can be instantiated multiple times.


                  Excellent answer. Thank you