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    PCB database not automatically updating as it should.


      Has anyone else had PADS PCB not automatically update your work as you go?  I have seen this with earlier releases.


      Friday from noon on I worked on a layout which was a re-arrangment of an existing layout.  Things went fine as I went.  I finished the layout, i'm sure I hit save along the way also. This am I loaded it up and the program responded with a pop-up say something like "job not compatible".  I checked my setup options for backup creation.  They were set for every two minutes and a max of nine.  Nothing (no backups) is there in the design directory.


      Anyone else experience this?





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          There was a defect before V9.1 that occasionally caused a crash when the autosave tried to save when the system was busy.  The defect was fixed in V9.1.  You can tell if the system is busy by the small dot in the upper left corner of the board view.  Red is busy, green is idle.


          If you are still seeing this behavior in the current version, V9.5, and have support please submit the .pcb file with a new Service Request and we will be happy to look at it.


          If the autosave has been affected it is possible the file has some corruption in it.  That is the most common cause of the "job not compatible" message when opening a file from the same version of PADS.  You can try running Integrity Check and doing an export/import to ASCII and see what messages you get.  This process is explained in a Tech Note at:




          If the file shows signs of corruption please submit it with a new Service Request.


          As with any CAD system, it is best to do frequent incremental backups.  This will give you a series of files to go back to in case one becomes corrupt.  Just clicking the Save button creates only one copy that can become corrupt without you knowing it.

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            The problem is I never know it hasn’t updated till the next time I try to open the file and I get the error.  Once that happens it makes the database zero bytes in length and all is lost.  After this happens I keep an eye an make sure it is saving but after a period of time goes by I stop until it happens again.


            I will try to monitor it and if it occurs I will forward the files.


            In the past I have exported and imported back in there will be some issues with components and such.  I am not really sure what would be “bad”.  I do an integrity check often and they are always good.


            What kind of errors should  I look for on an ascii import of the database?





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              Any errors seen on ASCII export/import should be investigated.  Common errors are mismatched pins/names/numbers, various bad part errors, bad attributes and copper errors.  One error can create a long list in the report - always check the first error.  These errors can affect other parts of the program and cause trouble in seemingly unrelated areas like flooding planes and DRC.