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    Circuit Schematic Composite in VeSys Classic.




      I have circuit schematic drawn in VeSys Classic in which we have some features which are controlled by different logic.
      Ex: Head Lamp system for Lower End which is controlled by Relay
            Head Lamp system for mid version controlled by controller.
      So in both the cases i need to draw the schematic in the same file at the same connector pin.
      The problem which i face is at the time of simulation, there will be reverse flow of current in the mid version when i am checking lower version or vice versa because of both wires connected to same pin.


      So in order to overcome the above situation, I need to place a splice everytime and keep the only either of wire in circuit analysis.


      I would like to know Is there any option like filter to seggregate the both version of schematics at the time of simulation as we have in Capital.


      Thanks & Regards,

      -Navaneeth K   

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          Unfortunately you can't filter for simulation purposes, theoretically you could create seperate layers for different options and then delete anything on that particular layer.  Another alternative may be to duplicate the connector pin, you then connect one option to one of the pins and the other option to the other pin - whether this is workable in your situation will be depend on the your particular circuit.


          What I tend to do is take a copy of the schematic and then delete any areas that could affect the simulation that I'm working with.

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            Hi Joel,


            In the alternative way mentioned about the duplicating the connector pin, Can you please let me know how it needs to be done?
            Is it the way i need to increase the number of pins in custom component and duplicate the same connector pin name and connect the circuit?
            Also connect one option to one pin means connecting the circuit of that option like MID Version to one pin and Low version with duplicate pin?

            Thanks in Advance,