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Symbols in RED vs BLUE in schematics

Question asked by mathieu.lafrance on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by robert_davies

Sorry if that's been covered in any guide; I've been unable to find any occurance of this issue in the manuals, the technotes and the forums.


We have taken over a design coming from another group; the project was transfered with the "archive" feature.


I believe the other group used a part database (unsure exactly what was it). Anyway, in the current schematics some symbols are RED while the others are BLUE. I've been told that the symbols in RED were wrong, but I can't figure out why some of them are blue.


Even when I place a new symbol from DXDataBook, it's red.


I can't figure out what this means.


Thank you for any help