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Discussion created by James on Jun 26, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2009 by aghany85

Have you ever had a huge GDS file from which you just wanted to know what the TOP cellname was, what layers were in it, or what cells? Recently, I came across a newer DESIGNrev API command that called "layout peek" that can quickly get you this information and more...all without even opening a GUI. Since I work with many GDS files on a daily basis, I went ahead and created some unix aliases to make things a bit easier.

alias topcell 'calibredrv -a puts [layout peek \!* -topcells]'
alias layers 'calibredrv -a puts [layout peek \!* -layers]'
alias cells 'calibredrv -a puts [layout peek \!* -cells]'

To execute, simply supply the GDS file name :
%topcell xyz.gds
%layers xyz.gds
%cells xyz.gds



Do you find this useful? Have any cool tips or tricks to share?