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PADS connectivity on a plane hatch outline

Question asked by dgould2 on Apr 22, 2013
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I have a design in  PADS Layout 9.5 and I'm having issues with verify connectivity.


I have an isolated ground plane hatch outline with a couple of components that have traces which connect to the flooded outline using stitching vias. I'm seeing, however, verify design errors on connectivity reporting that the isolated ground plane is not connected. Further, ratsnest appears to indicate no connectivity between the stitching vias and the plane hatch outline.


The vias thermals are set to flood over and the thermals I setup on other through hole components within the isolated ground are all generated correctly. I've attached a screenshot of the plane hatch outline and circled where the error was being reported. The plane hatch outline is on the top layer and the component in green is on the bottom layer.


I feel like I'm missing something here, does anyone have any ideas where the problem might lie???