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      Dear All,


      I want to check drcs for standard cells which are in libraries(.lib).


      Can any one please tell me how to check drcs of standard cells using caliber.


      Thanks in advance.


      Thank u



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          Hi Gangadhar-


          It depends on your environment, of course, but for batch runs on a library of files you might try a shell script. You'll need to modify the SVRF file a little, as described in tech note MG244254, though I would recommend using VARIABLE rather than replacing on the fly.


          For a csh script, it might look something like this, that I put together from looking at some of my utility scripts: (Note it is completely untested)




          setenv CALIBRE_HOME /my/local/Calibre/spot


          foreach GDS (`ls *.gds`)

          setenv CELLNAME `basename ${GDS}`

          setenv LOG ${CELLNAME}.log

          calibre -drc -hier rules.svrf | tee $LOG




          Hope that helps-



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            Thank u sam...