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Problem getting @printorder to work correctly with PDF printing

Question asked by mathieu.lafrance on Apr 26, 2013
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I'm having problems getting the PDF printer to work correctly. I've had it set up correctly for my first project, but I can't get it to work correctly with the second project. I've compared the .pjr files to see if a revelant setting was different, I also checked borders.ini, dxpdf.ini and scout.ini. Besides the usual name differences, they're identical. Both projects also share the same border symbols.


On the "working" project, I get this output. All unique page numbers, in order:



On the non-working project, all messed up.



I don't think the problem lies with the PDF printer, because I can see a difference when "pushing" thru hierarchical blocks between the two projects. On the working project, when I push thru a block, I see this on "border property":



Notice how the page number is reflected correctly with the Instance Value.


Now with the non-working project:



Notice how the page number isn't reflected correctly. The Instance Value doesn't even exist. Note that "?" is the default value of @PRINTORDER within the symbol editor.


I've tried already "Update Other Objects" by checking "Properties" and "Print Order", with a combination of Project, board, schematic, sheet ... tried all of them. I also tried running scout with the same settings as the other project, to no avail. Packaging was also performed.


What am I missing ?



I've included a bunch of .ini and .prj files of the non-working project, if any of you can spot something.


Thanks for any help provided.