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Plane creation and DFF slivers

Question asked by dgould2 on Apr 29, 2013
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I'm receiving  DFF error: Sliver on XXXX when I run verify design on fabrication issues. The error is self explanatory, see the attached screenshot.


My design has Plane Outlines which, when flooded, create small gaps between closely separated vias. I'd like to control the created gap between the vias but can't seem to find a way.


Ideally, I'm looking to have zero errors when running verify design and I'm well on my way but I can't find a way on this issue without relaxation the 3 mil minimum default rule - which seems to make sense.


On another note, I read that there is no way in PADS layout to waive verify design errors. Is this really the case? I'd like to waive several errors and provide an explanation to the waive. I can ignore errors in PADS router but these errors still appear in PADS layout. It's not the biggest deal in the world, more of an annoyance, and I'm wondering if there is something that I'm missing.