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ERROR: Unable to locate CES pin

Question asked by mathieu.lafrance on May 3, 2013
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I'm getting a strange error when packaging for which I can't find any information. I'm getting a bunch of:


ERROR: Unable to locate CES pin "R???-?" while  attempting to connect pin to net "?????"  in the CES configuration (I've replaced the actual ref des and net name with "??")


I am unsure of how this relates to CES. Are we talking about the Constraints ? I think CES might need to be updated, but I can't see such options.


If it's of any interest:

This error started to appear after I was completed with fixing all the other errors that were present in the schematic. Actually, i'm fixing errors in this design because we got it from another team. We didn't get a full working library (all symbols were missing, but cells and parts were present), so I've been working on replacing parts with newer parts that had the original symbols so that we could package correctly.


Included in this message is the full output of packager.


Any ideas where I can start ?