Licensing error: The system date/time appears to have been set back.

Discussion created by thomas2 on May 7, 2013
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I accidentally set my calendar forward a month, and I used Pads Logic and Layout while the date was set forward.  I went home for the night and windows must have done an update overnight and reset the clock to the correct date.  When I returned in the morning and tried to open Pads layout, I got this error



Licensing error:

     The system date/time appears to have been set back.  Cannot continue.

     Please correct the system date/time and restart the application.


I then click OK and get this error.


PADS Layout

Security system wasn't properly initialized: License request for pwrshell feature failed.  The program will run in Demo mode.


Pads will then open in Demo mode.  If I reset system clock to be a month ahead again then everything works fine.  However windows updates the time every 15 minutes which causes PADS to crash, and I lose all my work.

I assume this is a security feature that prevents people from setting their system clocks back a few months or years and getting extra time with their license.  I have 9 years left on my license so that is not the case here.


How can I get PADS to synch up with the real clock, so it will use the actual date instead of a month in the future?


I am using PADS 2007.4 running on windows XP.


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