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    Sharing Libraries


      We are currently using VeSys 2.0 at three different locations within our company. Each site is set up with a separate license server and database. We would like to be able to share the database between all three sites.  It is tough to send updates back and forth to make sure everyone has the same components and symbols. Is there a way to replicate the libraries at each site? In the past we haven't had much luck with replicating databases. Is there a good system for managing these?

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          If you treat one server as the master replicating to other sites can be done through command prompts (or BAT files).

          The "VeSysMigrate.exe" and "VeSysPremigrate.exe" utilities found in C:\MentorGraphics\VeSys\bin\    are meant just for this.


          You can find documentation on how to call the two utilities using a command prompt from the following document




          Note that the default username and password is



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            I tried migrating the symbols across. I get an error because there are already symbol libraries that exist with the same name. Do I have to go in and delete all the old libraries first?


            I am also having trouble migrating in the style set. It doesn't seem to overwrite the style set on teh other servers. Going through teh migrate process it gives the appearance that it works. However, when I check settings nothing has been updated.

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              The Symbols Library will need to be purged before migrating.  This can also be done through the command line.


              I have not had any trouble migrating style sets.


              Raise an SR ticket with Mentor Graphics.  They can help you with the style sets and let you know how to purge the symbol library while migrating.