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Insert page into existing design / Auto increment page number

Question asked by brett_o'connor on May 8, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by brett_o'connor

Fist off, I am very new to DxDesigner, so bear with me. I upgraded our old ES 040 Suite to the ES 050 suite. I am updating a very old design and I inserted a few new pages. I noticed that the new pages did not auto increment the page numbers and the old sheets did not increase the total sheets. Since the new sheets do not have page numbers, this make crossreferences a little hard. I did a search an I came accross this post. I opened my border file and the SHEET and SHEETTOTAL did not have the @ symbol. I added it, changed the borders (could not find a "Update border"), and now my pages are numbered "Sheet X of Y"


Could someone help me out? A link to an article would be great as well.


Thank you,

Brett O'Connor