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    V9.5 - bottom view


      Hi V9.5 users,


      I am thinking to install PADS9.5. What exactly is this "bottom view" feature?


      Is this the famous "flip the whole board, routes, parts, planes, texts, shapes, other stuff" we keep asking for or it'a a gimmick to get us to shut up?


      Thank you,


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          David Ricketts

          Aargh. I've been using 9.5 for quite a while now, and didn't even notice this.  It might be better termed as a mirror view, as it simply mirrors the display about the Y-axis, virtually flipping the board (not actually flipping, if that's your question), and works so quickly you have to wonder why this wasn't done before. But everything works, as far as I can tell, just like it does in the regular view, and the only way you would notice is that bottom text is now right reading, and top text is mirrored. It has no effect on CAM output: bottom remain on the bottom. It's the real deal for improving usability.

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            Hi David,


            thank you for the explanation. Now I know what to expect when I will install it.


            Well, it's something we didn't have before and it's there for whoever finds it useful.


            But I still won't let go of the real "mirror" procedure.


            There are some good things in this new (new for me) revision.





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              ... and it's there for whoever finds it useful.


              This idea picked 123 votes in Mentor Ideas for PADS.



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                And I love it.  I have been wishing for this for years.


                Now for a rotated view...