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      So I have a project with a symbol device on it and I tried copying it to another wire design and it went entirely out of wack.  If I try to add in the symbol in this other wiring design through symbol components it appears really tiny.  See LV 3.



      So what special size peramater am i missing.. Both designs were done in mm.


      Any ideas

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          The pdf shrunk down the wires here is a screen shot of what i am seeing for LV 3

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            Is the grid setting for the diagrams different (Layout > Grid > Set Grid Defaults...).  Since symbols in VeSys 2.0 are created using a "pin grid" (rather than any physical scale), the size of the pin grid (defined in your project preferences before the diagram is created) will affect how big symbols appear on your diagram.

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              Both projects are set to

              Major Grid interval 5

              max drawn points 50

              draw grid 10 %

              grid size 2.5 mm


              So i created a symbol at the 2.5 MM.. then i changed the settings to 5MM and created the symbol again and they are the same size. I am missing something here. 

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                Hi Nuri, Thanks a lot about the tips!


                I was having some problem....symbols were coming too big! I was changing the "Grid Spacing" and didn't change anything.


                So I saw your comment about only get grid spacing information when the diagrams are created, so I deleted current diagram and created news.


                In news diagrams the grid spacing already is coming ok and the symbols already are in good size.


                Thanks by the tips!