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      can any one please tell what are the available 'keyin' in expedition and where those can be useful

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          There is a long list of avilable keyins for Expedition. They are a two character mnemonic of the form action-object.

          If you type ? in the Keyin Command (Can be made visible in View - Toolbars), the help will open with information about the keyins and modifiers that can be used.
          Once the Help is open, if you look at the section "Additional Arguments" you will see the list of all the commands as well as examples of the modifiers such as co-ordinates or placement lists.


          Once you see the list, you will see how they can be useful, and the last 10 keyins used are saved and available from the Keyin Command window pull-down.




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            I've used the pr keyin to write a XY placement report.


            Let's say I'm working up a placement starting with the major top side components. I like what I have so far, but I'm going to attempt a risky modification to the placement with the aim of improving the performance of the circuit.


            I'll use the keyin command pr -file=C:\PartPlacement01.txt -x to record the current placement in a text file. If the the modified placement is not viable, I can simply import the placement file back in using the keyin command pr -file=C:\PartPlacement01.txt and my original placement is reestablished.


            One can simply invoke Edit>Undo (Ctrl-Z) to undo the modified placement, but perhaps you made some other changes along the way which you would like to retain. Maybe the PCB was closed (erasing the undo list) before deciding to revert to the original placement.


            Here's an even more powerful way to use this keyin command. Let's say you have six identical driver circuits (designated as driver circuits A-F) for which you achieved a very good placement. It's a very highly-constrained board so further modifications may be a challenge.


            Then your project engineer says he would like you to swap driver circuit "B" with driver circuit "E" in order to improve cable harnessing for the system. So, working smarter not harder, you simply edit the placement file by making the necessary reference designator swaps before importing the file back to the PCB.


            In the example below, the "B" circuit uses ICs 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8 and the "E" circuit uses ICs 12, 15, 16, 18, 25 and 26.


            Modify the placement file from this:


            .units mm


            .ref IC4 41.5,21.5 0 top

            .ref IC8 58,33.5 90 top

            .ref IC7 18,10.5 0 top

            .ref IC6 26.5,28 0 top

            .ref IC3 44.5,45 0 top

            .ref IC1 26.5,48 0 top


            To this:


              .units mm


            .ref IC12 41.5,21.5 0 top

            .ref IC15 58,33.5 90 top

            .ref IC16 18,10.5 0 top

            .ref IC18 26.5,28 0 top

            .ref IC25 44.5,45 0 top

            .ref IC26 26.5,48 0 top


            The corresponding change must also be made to the "E" circuit section of the placement file before importing the file back into the PCB.