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Error while loading calibre environment in cadence IC6.1.5

Question asked by isazulkc on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by chris_balcom



The loading of Calibre environment works fine when using Cadence IC5.1.4. However, when using Cadence IC6.1.5, I got the warnings/errors below, even if I load the good calibre file for OA (/tools/queryskl/calibre.OA.skl):


*WARNING* (reader): a '(' at line 1 was still unclosed on EOF, ')' added

                    at line 1 of string "streamOutKeys = list(nil"

*Error* symbolToString: argument #1 should be a symbol (type template = "s") - (streamOutKeys = list(nil))



It seems to have an incompatibility of streamOutKeys with Cadence IC6.1.5. I'm using calibre v2012.2_17.11.


Do you have any idea about this problem ?