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What is the file naming convention for batch waveform files?

Question asked by elizabeth_simon on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by elizabeth_simon

I just ran a simple simulation (one bidirectional signal, two ICs) with round robin enabled. This resulted in 24 waveform files.


The relavent part of the report is as follows:


   Driver     Receiver   Rnd Rise Delay(ns) Fall Delay(ns) Overshoot(V) Crosstalk(V)     ERROR FLAGS

   Device.Pin Device.Pin Rbn   Min    Max     Min    Max    rise   fall  rise   fall    rise     fall

   U52.7       U50.179    1  -1.432  0.344  -0.243  0.969  0.000  0.218   NA     NA   -------  -------

   U50.179     U52.7      2  -0.232  0.315  -0.088  0.379  0.778  0.889   NA     NA   R------  R------


I've got six lines in the XLS file


Overview   [Pass/Fail]Net(s)Coupled Net(s)Driver(s) [RefDes.Pin]Receiver [RefDes.Pin]Simulation Corner


The file names look like this


net-DSP_D[0];pin-U50.179;sim-SI Fast-Strong, Falling Edge.csv

net-DSP_D[0];pin-U50.179;sim-SI Fast-Strong, Falling Edge;RR-1.csv

net-DSP_D[0];pin-U52.7;sim-SI Fast-Strong, Falling Edge.csv

net-DSP_D[0];pin-U52.7;sim-SI Fast-Strong, Falling Edge;RR-1.csv


Which of these four files corresponds to the first failure line in the xls file?


What is the file naming rule for these files?


I have other simulations to do that are much more complex and will generate a lot of waveform files. It's not very useful to have waveform files if I don't know what the driver and receiver are.