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Strange behavior from Paste Mask Pads

Question asked by cbedard on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2013 by hgibbons

Imagine a thru hole connector that is going to be placed by automated SMT equipment on a PCB.  Since it is going to be placed with automation and reflowed you'd also want solder paste on the PCB (in the holes) while it's being inserted.  Thus you would want solder paste openings in your solder paste stencil. To get openings in your stencil, you'd want "something" associated with the opening presumably on the Paste Mask Top (assuming the connector is inserted into the PCB from the top side) layer in the pad stack.  The easiest thing for the "something" to be would be a Pad right?


Why will CAM not pick up Paste Mask Pads for thru holes?  If there is no drill associated with the pad stack (an SMT pad) a Paste Mask Pad shows up just fine in CAM but if it has a drill associated with the pad stack you MUST Associate Copper on the Paste Mask Layer to get anything to show up.


Why, why, why??  I'd prefer to just be able to handle this via the Pad Stack than have to draw Copper shapes and Associate them.


Thanks for any info!