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    install calibre v2006


      hi everybody!

      I'm a new user about calibrev2006 for linux. Can you help me to install calibre V2006 because it doesn't have any direction as another software for linux

      Detailed installation is better. thanks!

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          Hi! Welcome to the forum!



          I believe that to install Calibre 2006, you have an executable file. So all you do is execute the executable file, for example, type:






          Then you follow the instructions, enter in the directory, etc.



          Afterwards, in your .cshrc file you set $MGC_HOME environement variable to where you just installed it.



          Then, you set $path to include $MGC_HOME/bin



          Hope that helps. Have a nice day!









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            It's really easy to install as Karen explained. However, make sure you have the correct build for your platform. You can find this on supportnet under system requirements. Then, before you execute, make sure that you've changed the permissions, for example :



            chmod +x calibre2006.3.exe