Running Lvs with improper data

Discussion created by lakshmiprashanth555 on May 27, 2013

Hi mentor,



I'm working on new project. So we have cleaned drc every where. I'm finding difficult in runnin lvs on the project. The porblem is since, it is a new full chip database. I don't have proper gds and netlist of some cells. The problems like, i've cella gds and no netlist, i've cellb netlist and no gds. like that. So i thought of running lvs for only standard cells where i've both netlist and gds.

I'm finding difficulty in this running process.


I want to remove lvs extraction and comparision of  cella and cellb. i tried lvs box cella cellb. but the problem is in layout netlist.spice the pins of the cella and cellb are present. So the calibre is saying as cella and cellb didnot find and exiting. To ignore the erros i'm using LAYOUT ERROR ON INPUT NO. So i'll run. But i want to know wether their is any other options where i can run only for standard cells. any suggestions on how to ignore the unwanted cells.