Can anyone in this forum help provide an example of the rule files using PERC commands to do the task described below?

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Help Needed !!!


Description of the task:


The task is to extract node voltages (which appear in the netlist report after running SPICE) and then paste these voltage values on polygons (i.e., metal lines) in layouts.  We then would like to achieve the goal of reporting the voltage difference between all adjacent metal lines into an output file.




What we have:


An schematic of a simple test circuit (Cadence format) constructed by one nmos transistor.


NETLIST file of the above schematic (generated by HSPICE or Spectre)


GDS file of the same circuit (generated from Cadence Virtuoso)


Calibre svrf manual


perc_user manual




What we do not have:


PERC LDL DRC Guide manuals


PERC rule file




Thanks very much!!!