Calibre PEX violations

Discussion created by mugofgold on May 28, 2013
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We have recently upgraded to Calibre release "v2013.2_18.13" and started getting the following errors which were not there before.


WARNING:  Hcells "nmos_rf_25*" and "nmos_rf_25" are of different kinds  ("Subcircuit") and ("LVS box or empty subcircuit") - correspondence  ignored.


Hcell correspondence "nmos_rf_25*" "nmos_rf_25" leads to a many-many correspondence.

Corresponding cells could not be identified.

Correspondence "nmos_rf_25*" "nmos_rf_25" leads to a many-many correspondence.



All the files remain the same.


Any ideas would definitely help!!!


I was able to run the standalone Hierarchical LVS without any problems.