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How to run lvs only for standard cells in full chip by ignoring every blocks.

Question asked by lakshmiprashanth555 on Jun 3, 2013




          I'm working on calibre lvs. Now i want to run lvs on full chip(chiptop), The problem is that i've certain improper netlist and gds of the blocks like pads, core's etc. But i've proper gds and netlist of the standard cells.

          Now i want help in running calibre lvs only for standard cells by ignoring all the cores, blocks, and pads etc. I'm trying this LVS BOX but this will to do extraction. I want commands which will delete unwanted blocks in source, layout, and in extraction. Then it lvs should be ran on standard cells or desired blocks.

          I've already posted this issure before. But i didn't got any reply. Please provide help for my request now.


Note: I'm running lvs in batch mode.


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Lakshmi Prashanth.A.N