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    Using calibredrv to swap gds cells


      I need to swap out a cell inside a GDS to a different version.  I have done this before but can't find the commands to do it.  I need to read in the first GDS which has cell A instantiated inside it.

      Then I need to read in a second GDS with cell B and then change the reference of the first GDS to have B instantiated instead of A.  Anybody know the commands to do this in calibredrv?

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          I think you can proceed like this :

          - A is your original design, GDSII or OASIS, zipped or not

          - B is a design file containing one top cell for each cell you want to replace


          Just run Calibre DesignRev in batch mode :

          calibredrv -a layout filemerge -in A -in B -out A_swapped.oas -overwite


          This 'layout filemerge' command is very fast since it does not actually load the designs into DesignRev like for viewing.