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    DxDesigner Unconnected Pins


      We have a schematic where the micro was replaced with a new symbol (same pinout) and while it appeared that all the nets reconnected, a Verify indicates that the four ground pins in the screen shot are actually not connected, although they look like they are. See attached screen shot.


      Did we do something wrong in replacing the symbol that caused these nets to not reconnect? I would have expected that they were connected, and all the other nets on they symbol reconnected fine.


      Any ideas for me?





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          When I magnify the screen shot I notice that the four bottom pins are slightly off grid and I always have problems reconnecting parts if I design symbol with pin off grid or place part off grid by forgetting to change the grid back to my standard default interconnect setting of 10 mils from say 5 mils or less when I am adjusting text or some such.

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            It’s a problem with the symbol. The bounding box of the symbol only comes down ¼ of the way down through the VDD pins, so in order to connect these, you’d need to connect at the intersection of the bounding box and the pins (see attached picture).