DxDesigner AppendOutput and spaces

Discussion created by andrew_french on Jun 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by john_dube

I'm using EE7.9.4 update 9


In DxDesigner when I try to write information to the output window using automtation, multiple spaces in my strings are consolodated into one space.  Why does it do this?  This is not desireable.


If I say

VdApp.AppendOutput("Output", "There   are   three   spaces   between   each   word");


the actual output in Dx is

There are three spaces between each word



I can use underscores or some other special character in place of spaces to get around the issue but then my output looks messy.  I'd much rather the tool do exactly what I am telling it to do, not what it thinks it should do.  Does anyone else see this issue?