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    Installation sources for Enterprise V8.2




      are there any installation sources for the license divers for Enterprise 3000 V8.2 on windows available?


      We want to move our dongle from HP-UX to windows Server 2008.





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          Enterprise version 8.2 was release in March of 2009 and is no longer avaliable via SupportNet.  If the company you represent is still covered under support, we request that you open a Service Request to see if you can obtain what you are looking for.


          Version 8.2 uses older licensing provided by Valor that is no longer supported with our newer versions of Valor NPI or even later versions of vSure.  If your company is still covered under support, we very highly recommend you consider upgrading to one of the new product lines.  Your first move could be from Enterprise under Valor licensing to vSure under Mentor licensing.


          If you are interested in take this approach, please flow this link http://supportnet.mentor.com/news/vSure-VPL-AuthCodes.cfm


          Information located here will explain how to go about making this transition.  Once on vSure under Mentor licensing is in place, the move to Valor NPI is very simple.


          You may also need to request a dongle replacement as well.  On the Windows platform Valor had moved to a USB dongle.



          Max Clark