Checking notch spacing versus depth

Discussion created by up633791 on Jun 13, 2013
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I am experimenting with the DRC engine and as an example I want to check a notch spacing versus its depth, however Calibre keeps getting mixed up with that I really want. The rule I have in mind is derived from an old technology which I had difficulty in the past implementing with another software. This is what I really want to check:


Maximum notch depth in Metal1 is 0.3 for a notch spacing of less than 0.8


Now my way of doing this rule is to use the EXTERNAL command to find notches < 0.8, and then measure their length. However, when I use this in Mentor, it can mean the length of any edge, and since 0.3 is less than 0.8, it sometimes marks the distance between the notches rather than their depths. So far, this is what I've done:



Notch = EXTERNAL Metal1 < 0.8 NOTCH REGION

LENGTH Notch > 0.3


But its not efficient at all. Any clue on a better way of implementing it?