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The renamed attributes still visible in HyperLynx DRC

Question asked by olsmir on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by kendall_hiles

Hello All.


In my VBS script for Hyperlynx DRC, I allways create a ViolationType object and define the required attributes to this object. Later, when my script detects violation, I create a Violation object and add the defined attributes to this object. For example:


Set  objViolationType = Document.GetViolationType("myViolType")

Call objViolationType.DefineAttribute("Attr1", drcViolTypeAreaFill)

Call objViolationType.DefineAttribute("Attr2", drcViolTypeLayer)


' Violation is detected:

Set objViolation = objViolationType.NewViolation()

objViolation.Description = "Area is " & objAreaFill.OutlineArea

Call objViolation.AddAttribute("Attr1", objAreaFill)

Call objViolation.AddAttribute("Attr2", objAreaFill.Layer)


Thus, when I execute this script, the Attr1 and Attr2 columns are created in Violations tab. That is OK.


Now suppose I want to rename "Attr1" and "Attr2" to the meaningful words, for example "Area" and "Layer", I simply edit "Attr1" and "Attr2" in the above script.

However, when a re-execute a script, I see the four columns in Violations tab: "Attr1","Attr2","Area","Layer". So the renamed attributes still visible in Violations tab.


Suprisingly, when I delete this rule in Project Explorer and re-create it (Rules Sources > New Rule > Specify my script in Script File field in the Rule Properties), then execute my script, I still see the "Attr1" and "Attr2"columns in Violations tab.

I tried to close and open HLDPROJ file, with the same result.

I can get rid of the renamed attributes only through deleting HLDPROJ file and recreating it (using CIBD file).


Does anybody know of this situation?