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    The renamed attributes still visible in HyperLynx DRC


      Hello All.


      In my VBS script for Hyperlynx DRC, I allways create a ViolationType object and define the required attributes to this object. Later, when my script detects violation, I create a Violation object and add the defined attributes to this object. For example:


      Set  objViolationType = Document.GetViolationType("myViolType")

      Call objViolationType.DefineAttribute("Attr1", drcViolTypeAreaFill)

      Call objViolationType.DefineAttribute("Attr2", drcViolTypeLayer)


      ' Violation is detected:

      Set objViolation = objViolationType.NewViolation()

      objViolation.Description = "Area is " & objAreaFill.OutlineArea

      Call objViolation.AddAttribute("Attr1", objAreaFill)

      Call objViolation.AddAttribute("Attr2", objAreaFill.Layer)


      Thus, when I execute this script, the Attr1 and Attr2 columns are created in Violations tab. That is OK.


      Now suppose I want to rename "Attr1" and "Attr2" to the meaningful words, for example "Area" and "Layer", I simply edit "Attr1" and "Attr2" in the above script.

      However, when a re-execute a script, I see the four columns in Violations tab: "Attr1","Attr2","Area","Layer". So the renamed attributes still visible in Violations tab.


      Suprisingly, when I delete this rule in Project Explorer and re-create it (Rules Sources > New Rule > Specify my script in Script File field in the Rule Properties), then execute my script, I still see the "Attr1" and "Attr2"columns in Violations tab.

      I tried to close and open HLDPROJ file, with the same result.

      I can get rid of the renamed attributes only through deleting HLDPROJ file and recreating it (using CIBD file).


      Does anybody know of this situation?



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          I do not think this is a bug. When you add the attribute it gets added to the database object so closing and opening will not remove it. When I add Attributes I want them to stay in the database and not get removed so it works perfectly for me.


          It sounds like you are working in a debug environment and when your users run the rule they will only see the new names. If Engineering changed something and when you closed the data base it lost all your violations, no one would be happy, happy, happy :-^