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Confusion in the behavior of the package dialog box window

Question asked by milostnik on Jun 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by milostnik

Hello all,


I am confused by the behavior of the package dialog box window if started from DxD in EE7.9.5.


Opening the package we have a dialog box window showing up. After setting the option the user has some buttons to choose from:

ok, close, apply and help.


It is my expectation that

- The "Help" button will open a help page. It does.

-The "Apply" button will set the options and run the package without closing the window. We have noticed that the apply button is rarely active, so I can not explain what it does.

-The "Ok" button will start the package process and close the window. It starts the process but the window at the end of the process is still open. The only time it closes is if the design is completely error free in the first run.

-The "Close" button will close the window without starting anything. It does.


I hoped the help would explain the behavior, but help is rightfully more on explaining the options that to the "logically clear" use of the buttons.


Thanks for any clues