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    Design Capture to DxDesigner - Call to all users - Good, Bad or the ugly.


      Hello everyone,


      We are in the research phase of the potential migration from Design Capture to DxDesigner. I would like to know
      some of the Pro/Cons and challenges and comments you might have regarding your experiences with migration, stablity etc.


      I am open to networking with other companies that have made the jump to DxD or have not.
      We have a library of over 15k parts, 4k cells and huge range of technologies, layer counts and tools.


      Currently we are EE7.9.2 and have visited all the migration docs and reviewed the class for Dc to DxD translation


      Thanks and email me if you like to share privately.


      If you have a minute you can answer via the google form








      Chris Smith

      Application Support Analyst | PCB Services

      National Instruments |www.ni.com