Change Calibre View Setup dialog options when running Calibre xRC in the Cadence environment

Discussion created by James on Aug 7, 2008
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Here's a fairly common question on Calibre Integration to the Cadence environment. Calibre xRC's integration to the Cadence tools provides back-annotation of parasitic results for use when simulating with ADE by created an extracted view...we call the Calibre View. When back-annotating results in this flow, a Calibre View Setup dialog will open with default options for things like a mapping file or even the option to display the dialog at all. Changing the settings is not automatically persistent from session to session, but it is easy to set up. To see the default settings in the dialog, 1. Start Cadence (.cdsinit should load the calibre.skl file) 2. In the CIW, type mgc_rve_create_cellview("ext_netlist.txt")   (The file doesn't have to exist just for doing this setup) 3. Note that the default Cellmap file is ./calibreview.cellmap To change the settings, 4. Close the Calibre View setup dialog and type mgc_eview_globals~>? in the CIW  (This displays all the variables for the Calibre View Setup.) 5. To change the Cellmap File field, type mgc_eview_globals~>cellMapFile=strcat( getShellEnvVar("MGC_CALIBRE_SETUP") "process/45nm/calview_cellmap.txt") 6. In the CIW, type mgc_rve_create_cellview("ext_netlist.txt") 7. Restart the Calibre View Setup dialog and notice the change. 2. In the CIW, type mgc_rve_create_cellview("ext_netlist.txt") 8. To make this persistent, automatically load it prior to running your extraction job. One easy way is to create and load a Calibre Interactive (Skill) Trigger or load it in another way prior to opening the Calibre View Setup dialog. Here's an example of the Trigger.

procedure(mgc_start_calibre_trigger(drc_or_lvs_or_pex win)
    case( upperCase(drc_or_lvs_or_pex)
        setShellEnvVar( "MGC_CALIBRE_DRC_RUNSET_FILE=/home/drc.runset")
        println( "Using Calibre Interactive runset /home/drc.runset")
        setShellEnvVar( "MGC_CALIBRE_LVS_RUNSET_FILE=/home/lvs.runset")
        println( "Using Calibre Interactive runset /home/lvs.runset")
        setShellEnvVar( "MGC_CALIBRE_PEX_RUNSET_FILE=/home/pex.runset")
        println( "Using Calibre Interactive runset /home/pex.runset\n")
        <span style="color: green">mgc_eview_globals~>cellMapFile=strcat( getShellEnvVar("MGC_CALIBRE_SETUP") "process/45nm/calview_cellmap.txt")</span>
    ); end case
For more information on Skill triggers, check out Application Note #0344 "External Triggers for Calibre Interactive" here."