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    Components not placed in PCB Expedition.


      I'm new to PCB Expedition and I can't figure out how to load the components to the PCB layout.

      I see no errors or warnings after packaging.

      Here's the snapshot of the ForwardAnnotation.txt


           Packager Assignments successfully completed


           52 nets were found containing 303 pins
           118 components were found

           Creating a formatted Schematic Netlist (LogFiles\SchematicNetlist.txt)...
           A formatted Schematic Netlist has been created.

           The Logic DataBase has been compiled from the Schematic Design.
            Use Netload to bring the Component Design into sync.

           Logic Data has been successfully Compiled with no errors or warnings.
            Please proceed with your component Design.

                               05:42 PM Tuesday, June 25, 2013
      Job Name: C:\PCB\PLE-30.pcb

      Version:  02.11.12

      Netloading the Layout.  Unused components will be deleted.

      Unconnected pins will be set to nets "(Net0)-nnn".

      Schematic reference designator changes will be forward annotated.

           The following 118 components have not been placed:


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          Hi Rookie,


          Try this keyin command it will distribute all components.


          Keyin command "pr -dist *"


          Or go to menu Place > place parts and cells.

          Include unplace to be active

          Criterion Ref Des

          Select the parts you want and use one of the move buttons.

          Action place and apply

          6-26-2013 08-47-22.jpg

          Good luck

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            Hopefully by now you have tried Wim's solution and you are continuing on your design.


            Here is a little background...


            When you Forward Annotate a design, all of the components are placed into your design cache. If the component is found to already be placed in the design, then it will be updated accordingly to your Forward Annotation settings. If the components were not previously placed, then they will remain in the Placement Queue until placed with one of the many available placement commands like the one shown by Wim.


            It is good practice to run a Design Status Report on your designs to verify that all parts are being placed as needed. Here is a screen shot.




            Good Luck,

            Vern Wnek