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    Unable to build nucleus with nu.os.svcs.posix enabled




      We are having difficulties in building Nucleus with Posix support enabled. We are using Nucleus ReadyStart distribution for ARM.


      We have problems due to compiler tool chain's sys_types.h defining _SYS_TYPES_H. Posix types header file is using this flag and doesn't include posix type defintions (pthread_attr, etc) if this flag is already defined. After fixing all these issues by modifying the files, we are still seeing mutiple defintions of functions such as fflush, setlocale, etc. during link time.  The linker is seeing same function defined in nuclues library and libc.


      We also did not see any of these include files in our code base.





      If you are using posix on Nucleus ready start, do you have these files?

      Did anybody face these issues?



      Sridhar Adusumilli

      Ineda Software Systems