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    replace symbol


      Hi there,

      everytime after "replace symbol" (p.s.: i chose "replace part with" in the pop-out window), those three properties will be checked by default, then i have to uncheck them manually.

      Is there any way can avoid that?



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          Two things to look at, one, what are the visibility settings for the symbol in the library? If the symbol doesn't have a 'placeholder' for the properties with the visibility set, then what is the default setting for the property in the property definition file. The tool shoild firstly obey the setting in the schematic, but if it is a different symbol then it will obey the setting in the symbol definition in the library, and if the properties aren't applied to the symbol it will take the default setting from the property file.

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            Hi davies, thanks for the quick reply.

            All the buttons in library manager are grey, i may don't have access to change that . By "the property definition file", could u tell me where is that file located? Really new to this software...

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              The property file is accessible from library manager if you are using the Expedition flow, if using the net list flow then it is available from DxDesigner at tools-property definition editor . For more detsils read the on line help




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