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Making property and value invisible.

Question asked by corne.voogt on Jun 28, 2013
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After an backward annotation the property "GEOMETRY.HEIGHT" is added to each symbol. The name and value of this property is set visible.

with the code below I tried to set them to invisible, but "oRefAttr.Property.Visible = 0" does not work.


Sub Walk_Comps(objComps)

Dim objComp, objSymBlk, iSymType

For Each objComp In objComps

     Set objSymBlk = objComp.SymbolBlock

     iSymType = objSymBlk.SymbolType

     'Skip Annotate and Pin type symbols

     If ((iSymType <> VDB_ANNOTATE) And (iSymType <> VDB_PIN) And (objComp.Refdes <> "")) Then

          'Update parts list with component data

          ClearHeightProperty objComp

     End If 


End Sub


Sub ClearHeightProperty(comp)

Set oRefAttr = comp.FindAttribute("GEOMETRY.HEIGHT")

If Not oRefAttr Is Nothing Then

    oRefAttr.Property.Visible = 0   '<=== Does not work.

     'msgbox "Found " & comp.Refdes

end if

end sub


Can anyone help me?




Corné Voogt