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    Making property and value invisible.




      After an backward annotation the property "GEOMETRY.HEIGHT" is added to each symbol. The name and value of this property is set visible.

      with the code below I tried to set them to invisible, but "oRefAttr.Property.Visible = 0" does not work.


      Sub Walk_Comps(objComps)

      Dim objComp, objSymBlk, iSymType

      For Each objComp In objComps

           Set objSymBlk = objComp.SymbolBlock

           iSymType = objSymBlk.SymbolType

           'Skip Annotate and Pin type symbols

           If ((iSymType <> VDB_ANNOTATE) And (iSymType <> VDB_PIN) And (objComp.Refdes <> "")) Then

                'Update parts list with component data

                ClearHeightProperty objComp

           End If 


      End Sub


      Sub ClearHeightProperty(comp)

      Set oRefAttr = comp.FindAttribute("GEOMETRY.HEIGHT")

      If Not oRefAttr Is Nothing Then

          oRefAttr.Property.Visible = 0   '<=== Does not work.

           'msgbox "Found " & comp.Refdes

      end if

      end sub


      Can anyone help me?




      Corné Voogt