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converting nevitive plane to something else?

Question asked by ron.morgan on Jun 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by yan_killy

Hi all this is my first time here.. so be gentle..


I have a few years of PCB layout experience, many years in IC layout and 25 total years in electronics..


the PCB tool I used is from cadence so some of the words I may use may be wrong from the pads layout perspective. I have a larger 4 layer board that was laid out several years ago by another designer. I have to make some really large changes to it. most of it is stuff I understand.. but I have never liked negative panes. I understand there usefulness in many aplications and i know me saying that I don't like them might make me seem uncivilized .. so be it.. I don't like them. I like to see what I'm working on.. which brings me to my question.


in the cadence tool I could add dynamic planes( i don't know if the same term is used in pads layout but its the only one I know). some of the boards I worked on in the past would have several dynamic planes on the same layer. the board I am making changes to has 2 plane layers, and no split planes. so one whole plane = layer 2 and another whole plane = layer 3. but both of them are negative planes.. in the candece tool I can convert any plane to a dynamic plane. can i do that in pads? if not, can I delete the negative plane and add a dynamic plane in its place? this seems like it should be a simple thing to do in a property window or maybe even an attribute window.. but in not able to fine it.


I dynamic plane works like this in my experience, its a normal filled plane that moves as you move parts on your board. if you add a TH part that is connected to the ground plane the clearances for the VIA/TH will move with the part..reconnecting the part to ground. you can turn on and off the layer so you don't have to look at it all the time but the fly line for the connection go's away because the ratsnest tool understands the connection is made and that the layer is just turned off.


thanks for your time